Our Story

First and foremost, we Love what we do, and we do it for you! I have no doubt you will love our merchandise as much as we do creating it.

ABOUT EXPRESSIVE DEZIEN and how in the world do you pronounce it!
Expressive DeZien is owned by myself and my husband. We aren’t overseas or a huge corporation, we’re located in Oklahoma USA, and we’re a business of two. So that means we are easily accessible, simply call 888-242-3939. I work full time at Expressive DeZien, and my husband helps and has a full-time job. I'm the artist and my husband’s the technical guru that makes all my crazy visions and designs possible.

So, about our name, to understand Expressive DeZien’s name, you first have to understand how it came about. I went to college for interior/graphic design and advertising/marketing. My brother is an architect, and my intention was to work contract from his referrals. The name Expressive DeZien, is pronounced design. The spelling came about when I was in college. The professor gave us a project. We were to name our business, it had to describe our personality, our business and be original. I was resistant because I wasn’t going to be the typical designer. I know right, sounds so spoiled and arrogant. Being the why kind of person I am I asked, why must I? And so, I didn’t, well until he called me out in front of the class, stating I would fail the semester if I didn’t. So, I submitted and did what was asked of me, but with my own twist. Don’t judge lol I was very young, and full of dreams, and myself lol.

So, in a huff I thought well, I’m expressive and I love design, has to be different unlike any other. Then it hit me Expressive Design and so I changed the spelling and the word DeZien was born. Added some flair with the uppercase “Z” and there you have it Expressive DeZien. I received the dot com as a graduation gift and have had it ever since. That was well over 15 years ago.

Fast forward out of school there were no jobs for my field, hello this is Oklahoma. So I went into the medical field.  And was there for years and I was miserable, I was underpaid, over worked and exhausted. I did contract artwork on the side, and it was my peace and saving grace at times. It paid the bills, but the jobs were far between. In 2018 my then fiancé, now wonderful husband, asked me why I didn’t have my own business, I had no answer. We got married, moved to a new town, then covid hit. When one door closes another one opens, and I took my chance. And I could Not be more grateful. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. Short of keeping my mouth shut when I don’t want to lol. But seriously, I create and design original art, as well as use the art of my clients, like You!

Initially, I did contract corporate advertising and design for a few companies. But I still wanted more, I wanted to be 100% independent. I didn’t want to have to rely on someone else’s dime. It just wasn’t the right fit, then one day I looked at my coffee cup and was curious, how it was made. Then one thing led to another, we bought a sand blaster and started creating hand sand-carved wine glasses with original one of a kind art.

My husband and I do everything together, we try to emerge ourselves in each other’s projects. We support each other’s dreams and adventures and we’re both up for a new challenges. With that said, I had a dear screen-print friend who did old school screen print. Like the kind you got at a 1980’s Van Halen or Def Leppard concert! You guessed it; my husband wanted to give screen printing a shot. And I have to say he’s a bad ass screen printer. Me? Not so much, so I stick to the design aspect of the process. It only made sense to add Screen Print T-shirts.

I never truly thought that I would own and operate my own business on the level that I am today. I show my works at Farmers Markets and soon, will be in a gallery and scheduled for some art shows. I create designs for any size business and for individuals. And love helping charities. It’s important to give back. I’ve created wedding glasses for a large wedding parties, corporate and family reunions, you name it. And its not just glassware. We design, create and print, Clothing, Shirts, Home Décor, Glass, Drinkware. In the form of Sublimation, Vinyl, Sand Carving, and painting. We also offer embroidery for shirts, hats, aprons, oven mittens just about anything you can think of. We've been in business for just a little over two years doing what we love, creating beautiful products for people like you. Learn more about Our Glassware

Thank You for reading Now let’s create something just for you!


Expressive DeZien