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Two Feathers Sandblast Etched - 26.5oz Tavern Beer Mug

Two Feathers Sandblast Etched - 26.5oz Tavern Beer Mug

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Immerse yourself in the spirit of nature with the "Two Feathers Sandblast Etched" 26.5oz Tavern Beer Mug. This handcrafted masterpiece captures the delicate beauty of two feathers through meticulous sandblast etching, creating an enchanting and unique drinking experience. Ideal for savoring your favorite brews, each mug features a comfortable handle and a sturdy tapered base for durability during spirited toasts and celebrations. Crafted from clear glass, this beer mug is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and measures 5.5 inches in width, 7.25 inches in height, and 3.75 inches in length. Elevate your drinking experience with the ethereal beauty of the "Two Feathers Sandblast Etched" on this Tavern Beer Mug, where craftsmanship meets the grace of nature.

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The hummingbird wine glass is absolutely beautiful! The wine glass is excellent quality, and the etching is delicate and lovely. And Jenise went above and beyond in tracking the shipment for me when the post office delivery was slow! I would definitely recommend ordering from her shop, and will do so myself again!

- Nancy Jett -