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Polar Splendor Etched Stemless Wine Glass 20.5oz | Snowflake Wine Glasses

Polar Splendor Etched Stemless Wine Glass 20.5oz | Snowflake Wine Glasses

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Level up your celebrations with our Snowflake-themed stemless wine glasses, bringing an enchanting touch to your favorite drinks. Crafted with impeccable etching, these 20.5-oz. glasses showcase festive snowflake designs, injecting a dose of elegance into your wines and cocktails. The stemless design, beyond just a trend, ensures unwavering stability – perfect for the hustle and bustle of restaurants, bars, events, and catering.

Dive into the holiday spirit with the intricately sandblasted snowflake motif, infusing a dash of seasonal magic. These glasses aren't confined to Christmas; they're your year-round ticket to sophistication. Whether you're orchestrating a grand feast or a laid-back gathering, our stemless wine glasses redefine how you present your drinks, adding flair to every pour.

Got a crowd to please? No worries. We roll out the red carpet for large orders without the hassle of setup fees. These glasses are geared up and ready for any occasion that craves a touch of sophistication. Embrace the magic of the season with our Snowflake-themed stemless wine glasses – your passport to versatile, timeless style.

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The hummingbird wine glass is absolutely beautiful! The wine glass is excellent quality, and the etching is delicate and lovely. And Jenise went above and beyond in tracking the shipment for me when the post office delivery was slow! I would definitely recommend ordering from her shop, and will do so myself again!

- Nancy Jett -