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River 20.5oz Etched Stemless Wine Glass

River 20.5oz Etched Stemless Wine Glass

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Hand made etch via sandblasting. Infuse your barware collection with contemporary opulence through these pristine, hand-etched stemless wine glasses. Our craftsmen's precision etching technique, devoid of chemicals or lasers, imparts a touch of authenticity to each glass. The crystal-clear allure of these glasses elevates the aesthetics of any occasion. Their innovative bowl design caters to an extensive range of wines and cocktails, harmonizing taste and elegance. Say goodbye to the fragility of stemmed glasses—our stemless design ensures unwavering stability. A coveted choice for entertaining

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    The hummingbird wine glass is absolutely beautiful! The wine glass is excellent quality, and the etching is delicate and lovely. And Jenise went above and beyond in tracking the shipment for me when the post office delivery was slow! I would definitely recommend ordering from her shop, and will do so myself again!

    - Nancy Jett -

    Experience the perfect pairing of sophistication and functionality with our etched whiskey decanters and rocks glasses.

    Our whiskey decanters are expertly crafted from high-quality glass and feature elegant etched designs that add a touch of sophistication to any bar or home. The rocks glasses are equally stylish, with thick bases and sturdy construction that make them ideal for sipping and savoring your favorite whiskey. Together, these two products make a complementary set that is sure to impress any whiskey enthusiast.

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