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Handmade 20.5oz 'You Had Me at Wine' Etched Stemless Wine Glass

Handmade 20.5oz 'You Had Me at Wine' Etched Stemless Wine Glass

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Unveil Refined Taste
Unveil a world of refined taste with these exquisite, hand-etched stemless wine glasses, offering unmatched clarity and brilliance. We meticulously etch each design, without chemicals and lasers for an authentic touch. The distinctive bowl shape transforms sipping into a sensory experience, accommodating a wide variety of wines and cocktails. The stemless design exudes modernity while ensuring stability and durability, eliminating the fragility of conventional stemmed glasses. Whether adorning the table of a holiday dinner party or upscale restaurants, trendy bars, elegant banquets, or upscale events, these glasses stand as a testament to your commitment to quality.

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        The hummingbird wine glass is absolutely beautiful! The wine glass is excellent quality, and the etching is delicate and lovely. And Jenise went above and beyond in tracking the shipment for me when the post office delivery was slow! I would definitely recommend ordering from her shop, and will do so myself again!

        - Nancy Jett -