About Our Drinkware

Sand-Carving is similar to etching or sandblasting, but much more delicate. Each product we Sand-Carve is a unique one of a kind and can only be found at Expressive DeZien. Our unique stemless wine glasses are permanently Sand-Carved by hand without using chemicals. 

Currently we offer, Wine glasses both Stemmed and Stemless, Tavern Beer Mugs, Shot Glasses, Vases both tall and slender and Clear Jardin Glass Vases, Torino Vase, Glass Bud Vases, Clear Glass Cylinder Vases, Clear Glass Ribbed Bud Vases, Clear Mario Glass Vases, Clear Glass Hurricane Stem Vases, Clear Glass Tapered Bud Vases, Clear Glass Pot Belly Vases. As well as Glass Dish sets and Trivets.

Sand-Carving glass is drastically different from the chemical etching glass that you see quite often. Our method of etching is literally carved into the glass and is much deeper than chemicals. You can see the depth and feel the difference on every glass by Expressive DeZien. The finished product is absolutely stunning and elegant. Though they appear to be delicate, they are durable, dishwasher safe, and very permanent, and will last a lifetime. After your items are created, we carefully wrap, and gift present, each glass beautifully. And ship them to you ready for your favorite beverage!