About Naked Spirit Jewelry

Naked Spirit Jewelry - Why the name Naked Spirit? Naked Spirit Jewelry was born out of and from creative restriction. I was finding it hard to create and needed something that wasn’t so restrictive. I felt bound and pressured by other creators around me to create in one specific lane, with laws of do's and don'ts, the right and wrong ways to create. Then I started comparing and competing in creativity. That's not what being creative is, at least not to me. And not a place I want to be, I didn't like where I was. So, I changed my psychological and creative location. I stripped down, became spiritually naked, and vulnerable, and started to create and design. Once I was unrestricted, and I opened my mind, I started to create all sorts of one of a kind beautiful pieces, that I know are made for someone special, like you.

For me, it is extremely uncomfortable doing something I've never done before. But honestly, I could not be more at peace. I sit down grab the wire and have zero idea what I'm making, but I know it's for someone special. It’s not always perfect to me, but I know it is to the one I’m creating it for. And sometimes it may take me days or even weeks to finish a piece. So, it’s not a process that can be rushed.

There are thousands of jewelry artists with beautiful pieces, and I know you could choose any artist to purchase from. With that said, thank you for your purchase from Naked Spirit, it means the world to me. So, the short answer, my jewelry collection came from creating with a Naked Spirit. I don’t plan or research, I go with the flow, not worrying about mistakes, time production numbers, perfection, or even planning a design. It’s about creating beauty, for you, in the moment.

If you would like a custom piece, reach out to me I would love to add you to my list of clients.

Thanks for reading about my vision.