About Expressive DeZien:

At Expressive DeZien, I'm a passionate creator who brings artistry to life for you. I'm not a faceless corporation; I'm a dedicated artist based in the heart of Oklahoma, USA. My mission is simple - to craft distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs that resonate with you.

Expressive DeZien's name, pronounced 'design' with a twist, has a story that began in college when I was tasked with naming my business. Rejecting the conventional, I fused 'expressive' and 'design' to create 'DeZien,' spiced up with a bold 'Z.' My journey started over 15 years ago, with a dot com graduation gift.

Life led me to the medical field, but my passion remained art. In 2018, inspired by love and necessity, I embarked on my own business adventure. With determination and encouragement from my husband, I evolved from contract work to crafting hand-sand-carved wine glasses with unique art. Today, we offer screen-printed T-shirts and an array of customizable products, from glassware to home decor.

My husband, the technical guru, is the driving force behind turning my creative visions into reality. His expertise complements my artistic flair.

I cherish every project, whether for businesses, individuals, or charitable causes. I've created for weddings, reunions, and more, always striving to give back. My artistry encompasses sublimation, vinyl, sand carving, painting, and even embroidery. I've been doing what I love for just over two years, creating beautiful products for people like you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Let's collaborate and craft something special for you.

Expressive DeZien