Customization and Design Services

These days we live busy and stressed lives. Home is the place where we want to leave every bit of stress outside and take a breath of relief. To unwind ourselves from the tensions of daily life, we take refuge in our bedrooms. Sleep is so important for good health. The colors in your bedroom can have a significant impact on your mood. We believe the bedroom is your sanctuary and should elevate your mood, relieve stress, and help you relax. It is important to have a bedroom designed and styled for maximum level of comfort.

Expressive DeZien creates and designs beautiful, handcrafted bedding. Every item is designed with the utmost attention and detail. Who says bedding has to be in one color and boring? Our duvets are made of 100% lightweight woven microfiber, known for its coolness and warmth when the weather gets cold.

Our bedding is so beautiful you can leave the bedroom doors open when guests come - everyone will want to see and admire this high quality super soft duvet cover with a durable print. Not to mention the pleasure of sleeping in a personalized environment! You can purchase a custom duvet or comforter in multiple sizes. The duvets come with an invisible zipper closure unlike most that have buttons. We also offer custom pillowcases. If you need the insert you can purchase a comforter to go inside or use what you already have.


We offer both comforters and duvets in multiple sizes for you to customize, with any royalty free copyright free image, or I can create a one of a kind custom design for you. You can order the comforter or duvet designs with pillows of various sizes as well. In the near future we plan to add custom sheets as well. The bed sheets will be made with the same quality ultra-soft fabric. You can place orders using the same designs but are allowed to add your own touches.

It is not always necessary to go to extreme levels to obtain comfort. Simple and elegant additions to your room can change the whole outlook. Adding seasonal colors can help your mood drastically despite harsh weather changes. We look forward to designing the perfect comforter or duvet for you to enjoy!

Adding a personal touch to standard designs can keep your personality alive in your surroundings. There’s no need to compromise your comfort for style. Therefore, a custom duvet or comforter is a great choice for comfort and style in one.